Announcing Our Charity Partner
Pahli Hill

We are delighted to announce that we are now working with Project WHY to help raise money and awareness of their cause. To support this, we will add a discretionary additional pound to every bill at Pahli Hill Bandra Bhai which will be donated to the charity. Each donation will help support the running of their centres and help further their mission of ensuring continued education support to underprivileged children.

Project WHY's vision is of a desirable world where all children have quality education and can complete their schooling years. Where all the children have the support to build their skills and have a voice. They believe in gender justice and self-reliance in improving socio-economic status through skill enhancement.

Their journey began in 2000 with 40 children who wanted to learn spoken English and a handful of volunteers. Today, through their 7 after-school support centres, they reach out to over 1100 children, and 200 women and have created 50 job opportunities for people from the community. Their support centres have aimed to bridge the education gap for underprivileged children and improve their learning outcomes. Their after-school programs go beyond academics to include life skills and all-round development in a child-friendly environment.

Azure Hospitality has worked with Project WHY since 2014 and we are thrilled to extend this relationship further. To find out more about the charity please see here. Please see here for Project WHY Stories.

Should you like to make a personal donation you can do so via their website here. Scroll to the bottom of the Donations Page to find the right bank for your location.

We thank you for your support!